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Rita Saltarelli and her family


Both of our recipients this year have been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and travel out of state for treatment. Rita Saltarelli, from Paw Paw, was diagnosed in May of 2022, and Sara House, of Kalamazoo, first was diagnosed in November of 2019.

Saltarelli's diagnosis specifically is inflammatory breast cancer, a rare form of the disease that does not form a lump but instead causes the affected breast to become swollen and tender very quickly. This makes early detection more difficult. She travels to MD Anderson in Texas every three months for treatment. Travel and lodging are not covered by insurance, and Saltarelli said that’s where Hooley donations will help the most.

House also travels for treatment, to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in her case. Like Saltarelli, House said Hooley donations will help most with travel and lodging expenses, which are all out-of-pocket.

"A community of people really is what makes the difference," House said. "Support from the community really is quite helpful."

House originally was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer which metastasized and led to her current diagnosis of breast cancer.

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